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Pet Eye Care and Pet Ophtalmology

Dr. Lonny Goldstein has over 45 years of experience and is an adjunct professor for the Ontario Veterinary College, Department of Clinical Studies. 

Dr. Klys has over 20 years of experience and performs the majority of our ophthalmologic surgeries. 

To our regular clients:  

Our ophthalmology services are offered to you on a routine basis should your pets require these services.

After your pet’s eyes have been assessed by one of our veterinarians, further diagnostic testing options or specific medical or surgical therapy are recommended. Some of the common procedures offered are:

  • electrocautery and cryotherapy to treat for eyelash abnormalities
  • ocular ultrasounds are performed to image the various chambers of the eye when corneal or lens changes prevent assessment and to scan for internal masses and tumours
  • electroretinograms are performed to assess retinal function in the cases of vision loss or to assess a patient for cataract surgical candidacy
  • a specialized operating microscope is used for many of our surgical procedures to help facilitate the small size and delicate nature of most ophthalmological procedures.
  • emergency corneal repairs are typically done within the first few hours of admission in cases of deep or perforating corneal ulcers
  • eyelid lacerations and corrections
  • biopsy and removal of ocular masses
  • correction of third eyelid gland prolapse, commonly known as Cherry eye
  • cataract removal is performed using a phacoemulsification unit after a thorough vision assessment.

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