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Cat & Dog Dental Care Toronto

Your pet’s oral health care is essential to their overall well-being.


It’s essential to your health to visit a dentist - cats and dogs are no different. Routine brushing and dental cleanings are essential to prevent and control gingivitis and tooth loss. All dental prophylactic procedures are performed under general anesthetic as per The College of Veterinarians of Ontario’s guidelines. 

Here at Forest Hill Animal Clinic, our veterinarians are able to provide your pet with dental care.

At Forest Hill Animal Clinic we offer:

  • ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • digital dental radiographs
  • surgical dental extractions
  • post cleaning preventive home care dental program

Dental Care for Cats

Dental cleaning for cats is an essential step in their overall health. Cats are prone to feline periodontal diseases, which can lead to loss of teeth and organ damage. Getting your cat’s teeth cleaned regularly is an important step that helps prevent future health complications.

Dental Care for Dogs

Dogs are prone to tartar buildup, cracked teeth, and canine periodontal diseases. Despite regular teeth cleaning, dogs are still susceptible to genetic dental conditions, which makes dental cleaning for dogs especially important.

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