Using your Smartphone to get the most out of your Veterinary visit

It’s very common for us to have an appointment with a concerned client about clinical signs that their beloved pet is exhibiting at home. Sometimes the client struggles to explain exactly what they saw and sometimes the pet is no longer displaying the clinical signs once at the clinic. Now that almost everyone has a smart phone of some sort you can take videos of the concerning clinical signs at home so that your veterinarian can observe the concerning behaviour.


Examples of medical conditions in which videos would be very helpful:

  • Seizures – we know that seeing your pet have a seizure can be extremely stressful and taking a video is the last thing on your mind, but it can really help your veterinarian assess your pet
  • Lameness – taking a video of your pet’s lameness can give you veterinarian an idea of severity when you first noticed it and can help them determine if the lameness is improving or not
  • Shaking – many owners report seeing their animal shake at times. It is often very helpful to see the severity of the shaking and the parts of the body that are involved
  • Coughing – there are subtle differences between the types of coughs that can occur in your pets and often a video will help your veterinarian with a diagnosis or treatment plan


If you are trying to email a video to the clinic you might run into issues with the file size. Therefore, please try and take a few shorter videos of the concerning behaviour instead of a very long video. If it is essential that the video remain long to capture everything that you are concerned about then you can use Google Drive* or programs like DropBox* to share the videos with the clinic.

We hope that this recommendation will help you get the most of your veterinary appointment here at Forest Hill Animal Clinic. If you have a video that you would like to share with us before your appointment, please send it to


*these are just examples of file share programs available to you – Forest Hill Animal Clinic in no way endorses these programs

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